Speed Essays (Alex) #4

What would you do if you got an essay question that you hated and couldn’t figure out what to write?

The first thing I would do is stare at the question for hours without end…emotionless and unloved. Just sitting there, as hard, cold, and frail as an old nail clippings. Rather than persuing the question, I would hide and take stock of all of my regrets and failures.

              Next, the second stage of my anger begins after several eternities of morbid thoughts. My head begins to swell up as large and as hard as a watermelon. My body glowing red and emitting an unhealthy amount of radiation. Right around the point where my neurons are turning into plasma and the computer is melting away, I begin to notice as a side thought, fhat hell is real. But my main attention is towards what is about to happen.

My pure outrage unravels in the form of a second Big Bang merely dwarfing the one that began our universe. At this point I am screaming an ear splitting scream so loud that it is considered a new natural disaster. Every moment I have ever experienced now turns into a horrific and emotional mess. Now my mega explosion has reached further out than the original Big Bang.

All life on earth would be nothing but a bunch of lonely, demoralized souls within  0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds after the blast. The whole universe would then  be forever lost, empty, and expunged of all life. Never ending in a vast field of blackness.

              In conclusion, for these reasons, you should never give me an essay topic I don’t like. Thanks for reading this, hope you have learned a lot.????

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