China “Air”

Is there an age after which it’s no longer ok to run around naked on an airplane?

We can breathe again. Two weeks in China where air quality is clearly a luxury not available to the masses. We leave our massive headaches, burning tongues and sore eyes there. But we’ll be back.

We headed in back to back whacky flights on airlines with names that just made us happy they remained airborne! The last flight of 4 hours had a toddler who must have been named Xi Vil, maybe 2, (the face of Xi Vil!)

who’s parents immediately removed his pants and diaper allowing him to joyfully jump on his seat looking curiously at our kids, running around, sitting butt naked while mom couldn’t stop touching his butt and blowing air on his pee pee. To say Stacia and I were thoroughly grossed out would win understatement of the year. My goodness, someone will SIT in that seat next. Stacia is diligent, butt there aren’t enough wipes in China to sanitize that! #traumatized #safe

Thahhhhhland. We can breathe…