Shout out to our dad Zedo: Yeschche Odin

“In 1990, when the Zambian education crisis and HIV/AIDS were at their worst, 44% of children did not have school to go to.” The number of orphans produced was staggering. All those children are now in their 20s.

In previous posts I’ve noted that education is very important in African nations. Yet there isn’t enough money in the government systems to fill the need. There are additional grass roots efforts by NGOs to fill the void. But it’s difficult. All nations here have a long history of corruption and hands in the till. It’s just how things are done when everyone, since colonial days, has been beholden to their overlords, and given fish not taught to fish. How do you break the cycle?

By scoring one goal at a time.

Over the years through our amigos and with investment in Latitude Hotels in Sub-Saharan Africa we’ve met amazing pals. Brits, Dutch, OZs, and locals.

Under Stacia’s care and vision we decided to take a shot at one victory. One stone tossed into the pond. We supported a young man, (Chilufya) through his college study in IT. Sounds big, it’s not in comparison to US costs. But in African countries your money goes a long way.  Change one life for a few thousand US dollars, under the hopeful condition he stays here and spreads the good will and good fortune creating a positive cycle of life.

Yet with contacts and trust and trepidation we and some partners are currently building a 7 grade school in Ng’ombe, a very very poor compound on the outskirts of  Lusaka. Wish us luck. (All tolled, it will cost 60 dollars per child in fixed expenses. Sounds like a huge ask? It’s not.) You must have people you trust, and local. If you watto throw money, don’t bother. Just light the money on fire instead.

On May 30, 2018 we began.

And everyone wanted to pitch in.

And our kids learn that both having a good school and studying ain’t so bad. As my dad used to say when I was a kid, “there are two ways you can go. You can use your back or you can use your head. One pays substantially more than the other. Choose wisely.”

еще один.

Pronounced Yeshche Odin. This is a Russian expression I learned as a kid, doing work with my Dad. When he was a boy working with a Russian bricklayer, beginning at closing time of 5:00 PM the man would start to repeat, ‘yeshche odin.’ And kept repeating brick after brick after tiring brick until well after dark…8 p.m.

Suck it up, kids. Because yeshche odin means…

“Just one more”

Don’t give up Dad. We love you Zedo.

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  1. What a wonderful project! You are God Sent to those children and their parents. BEST OF LUCK WITH THE PROJECT! I remember the day that Dad taught the boys how to lay brick. They always wanted “projects” when they came to visit, and this was one they really enjoyed, but think of how much real GOOD it has translated into. We are so proud of you all. Much love, Mom

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