Hong Kong Interlude, family issue, travel docs

My dad has fallen ill with a nasty stroke, so off to Florida to support mom I went.

Back a week later to Tokyo where the family was studying in the monsoon week, frankly the first cruddy week since we left California. Next day we all headed to Hong Kong for a study week and daily afternoon long hikes on the mountains and islands around Central Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Each child got to go to dad’s Hong Kong office for one day to do all their school there. I can so clearly remember how much a delight that was to sit in my dad’s chair at WDW or DBL feeling like a Prince. I hope they someday tell the same story to their children. I know that Annika won’t soon forget as she begged to go every day. (She did all her work much faster too!)

We even got to go swim and have an Ion Pacific company outing on Hong Kong harbor in a junk. What a blast.

Finally, thank you to the wonderful Ion team for your kindness and hospitality, especially Denise for making the Visa acquisition process simple.  (Our Cantonese is horrible.)


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