World School Month #1Done. Nicholas


8/20 30 minutes reading, 30-minute essay writing on video editing, prefixes
8/21 Eclipses, equations step 1 to 5, reading, Chinese tea ceremony, Hike to sacred cliff dwelling, Tanah Lot
8/22 Equations steps 1-6, Chinese tea ceremony writing, Classic music, Story time, Business cards
8/23 Classical music, game theory, paper airplane contest, nature hike, City research, literal equations, reading, rice cultivation, business cards
8/24 Cooking class, simultaneous equations with substitution, writing recipes, story time
8/25 City presentations, walk through town, Bali architecture, Bali reed weaving, elimination method, reading
8/26 Elimination method harder problems, reading, nature walk, origami, city research, reading
8/27 Culminating activity, exit interviews
8/28 Travel day. Sacred pool. Car bingo
8/29 Reading, research Hurricane Harvey, Early walk to sacred pool, system of equations
8/30 Volcano hike
8/31 Simple probability, special system of equation, reading, vocabulary, video script, math puzzle, estate walk
9/1 Green School visit. Video volcano production
9/2 Video volcano production, tea ceremony five paragraph essay
9/3 Geometric shapes and markings, tea ceremony essay, vocab, White water rafting, video reading
9/4 Video editing, exit interviews
9/5 Travel day, Carpe Diem boat, water activities
9/6 Komodo National Park, writing, reading, vocab, water activities
9/7 Graphing intro, slope of a line, reading, editing writing, water activities
9/8 Equation of a line, slope intercept, intercept-intercept, descriptive writing, reading, water activities
9/9 Combining like and unlike terms, water activities, video editing
9/10 Singapore video, writing, reading, x&/ exponents, classical music, tenmarks &physics intro, editing paper
9/11 Singapore video, writing, classical music, TM intro, reading
9/12 Art & Science Museum of Singapore. Travel to Tokyo. Reading TM graph interpretation, Japan videos
9/13 Travel morning. Walk to Imperial gardens, essay writing, video production.
9/14 Buddhism, Shintoism, Sumo, Tokyo research, reading, equations, interpret graphs, Planet Earth science, bus ride & train rides through city, reading
9/15 NYC video, Japanese business card ceremony, Planet Earth science, Museum of Innovation, reading, NYC video, Japanese business card ceremony, Planet Earth science, Museum of Innovation, equations with fractions, vocabulary, writing vocabulary sentences.

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