World School Month #1 Done. Alexander

8/20 30 minutes reading, 30-minute essay writing on physics paradox, prefixes
8/21 Eclipses, equations step 1 to 4, reading, start business cards, Chinese tea ceremony, hike to sacred cliff dwelling, Tanah Lot (Temple by the ocean)
8/22 Classical music. Eclipse story. Adding integers, Story time, Business card drawings
8/23 Classical music, game theory, paper airplane contest, nature hike, city research, multiplying integers, rice cultivation, reading
8/24 Cooking class, operations with integers, writing recipes, reading, story time
8/25 City presentations, Black hole videos, walk through local town, Bali architecture, traditional Bali reed weaving, operations with integers, reading
8/26 Subtracting integers, equations step 1 to 3, Activity research: monkeys, nature walk, origami, reading
8/27 Culminating activity, exit interviews
8/28 Travel day. Adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing fractions, circumference area of a circle, reading, bingo car game.
8/29 Fraction skills, monkey research, asteroid research and writing, reading
8/30 Volcano hike
8/31 Reading 2x, Bali info, vocabulary, video script, equations, math puzzle, science octopus, estate walk
9/1 Green School visit. Video volcano production,
9/2 Volcano paper, bug search and research
9/3 Geometry shapes and markings, reading, vocab, white water rafting
9/4 Video editing, reading, exit interviews
9/5 Travel day, Carpe Diem boat, reading, water activities
9/6 Komodo National Park, reading, writing, math, vocab, water activities
9/7 Equations combining like terms, reading, water activities
9/8 Reading2x, short story writing 2x, water activities
9/9 Water activities, reading, editing short story, intro to graphing
9/10 Travel day
9/11 Singapore video, writing, classical music, tenmarks intro, reading
9/12 Art & Science Museum of Singapore. Travel to Tokyo, writing, TM adding integers, Japan videos
9/13 Travel morning, opposites, multiplying rational expressions, reading
9/14 Buddhism, Shintoism, Sumo, Tokyo research, reading, multiply rational expressions, Planet Earth science, bus ride & train rides through city
9/15 NYC video, Japanese business card ceremony, Planet Earth science, Museum of Innovation, producing a business card, reading, writing, all operations one step equations


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