Uganda. Latitude 0. Economic development.

Play more. Weigh less.

Economic development. Risk capital. Jobs. Employment. Lives. 168 workers= Latitude 0. This facility will employ 160+people, and each of those support 10 family members. While it may be “en vogue” to sneer at capitalism, personally I think that view is misguided. You know, the old “teach someone to fish vs. give someone a fish” thing…)

Yes, you weigh less at the equator. And no, water doesn’t drain in the opposite direction

Explanation: Earth has a bulge at the equator created by the planet’s rotation and a moving body’s tendency to continue in a straight line. (Sometimes this is misleadingly called “centrifugal force”, but it’s really just Newton’s laws of motion.) The planet’s spare tire creates an uneven gravitational field.

While standing at the equator you are further away from the bulk of Earth’s mass than at the poles, so the planet exerts less pull on you. But don’t quit your diet and move to Uganda: an object at the equator weighs a mere 0.5 percent less than at the poles — less than a pound for anyone under 200 pounds.

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