Hangin’ at the bar with #2

Hard to believe that here I sit with my 6th grader, who is telling me about the PowerPoint he had to do (hated) on the Joseph Kony (pronounced ‘coin’ he said), the leader of the LRA, the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. The project was a chronology of the kidnapped boys lives. As dad, hard to decide between smiles and choking up about the kids dutiful acceptance of our travels together, and how far they’ve come with their own reflections.

Tomorrow? #2 joins soccer team with local Zambian kids. Yes, he’s a tad nervous.

Kampot Pepper, from Kep Cambodia (you’ll never look at pepper the same way again)

On a boring day in Kep, Cambodia we heard there was an organic pepper farm a short tuk-tuk ride away. It was run by some folks who spoke French.  Voila! A new opportunity.

After many technical difficulties, Nicholas translated and subtitled it on Youtube manually, so this was a month or so ago.

It was a terrific and fun day for all.  You’ll never look at pepper the same way again.

(Hint: change your Youtube to setting on the bottom to CC, to display English subtitles)