Hiroshima writing assignment (Alexander/Nicholas)

(Choose song, poem or essay as to how your visit impacted you.)


It was a nice and peaceful day

The sun was saying hey

As I looked in the great blue sky

A plane flew way up high

I was in harmony

Which turned into tragedy

It all happened so fast

I barely remember my past

The next thing I knew

I was in a pile of dew

I was in a bunch of trouble

The whole city was ruble

I looked right

I looked left

Metal was in my chest

As I looked all around

I honestly could not tell

If I was somewhere but hell

My world was dead as can be

Why did this happen to me

I truly do not know

– Alexander Balog


I Have Escaped from Hell

Today is a beautiful day

Birds chirping and trees waving in the wind

In an instant, a blinding light envelopes me

I feel a burning heat

Everything goes black

When I wake up, I have died and gone to hell

Fires and smoke, bodies everywhere

Zombies rising from the ashes

It has become night but without moon or stars

I am frightened, I flee

As I run I see zombies shuffling to the lake

As I run I see bodies of friends, still as rocks

As I run I see houses burned to rubble and trees burned to ashes

As I run I see the light, faint but getting brighter

I reach the edge of the night and the beginning of the light

I see people coming to help me as I run up the path

I have escaped from hell.

– Nicholas Balog