Our First Gift Gotten

We have come to realize over our lives that gifts gotten, and gifts given, often arrive when and from places one might never expect.  And frequently gifts arrive in a form one might not anticipate. Some of life’s gifts are obvious, and sometimes they come in the form of what Garth Brookes refers to as “unanswered prayers”. (If you don’t know it, have a listen)  

Well, our first surprise gift on our journey came from Jane and Chris, two finer friends and playmates you will never cross paths with. As we left their delightful home and warm hospitality, Jane handed me a gift that is worthwhile reading for young and old alike. It is a letter written in 1940 by a British family, racing across Northern France as they try to outrace the Nazis, with tanks and troops around them, as they try and keep their dog from barking. And the end result is, well, properly British. It’s a wonderful read and a keeper. I won’t spoil it for you. Thank you, Chris, Jane and kids for hosting our tribe.

Enjoy. (Click them twice to enlarge)


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