Unexpected Gifts

While I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia this week there was an enterprising young man painting Vans and Converse in a little room the hotel manager gave him to ply his craft. Given that a good job is $300 to 400 a month there, people try any work just to eat.  So I’m chattering with the boy, ironically named  Con, about what he can paint…”well…anything”, came the reply!

So I pulled up pictures of the cryptokitties Stacia bought this week (she’s exploring the site and usage to understand the crypto uses better) and VOILA!
OF COURSE HE CAN PAINT THEM…and anyone that sees them LOVES them…
At 40 bucks a pair, I bet people in the US would pay a lot more for these for little Sienna and little Sierra…and for a good cause?  Cambodian education and fighting human trafficking?
Cryptokitties…for the good of mankind…who knew?
Like mother, like Annika!

Rule of engagement

How does one recognize the place of humble abundance from which we come, but not ascribe to the world of pure charity donation which is simply wrong?

In our travels in rural Asia and Africa: whether taxi or vendor, negotiate like the devil, agree to the new price…then pay them their original asking price. Works every time…

The massive smiles are priceless.