Quick Travel Update: Life on the Road

Some ask,  “How’s it going? Is the experience what you expected? Gimme the truth.”

Truth, “It’s more exhausting than Stacia and I could have imagined.  The kids absolutely love the process of learning just because…and having a say in topics and subjects that interest them and voting on what they and we do that matters to them.  You learn a lot about your children listening to them.

With the late decisions that arise from more local information and greater flexibility comes logistical difficulties and concomitant tradeoffs.

Stacia spends far too much time on travel crud for her liking but she has nailed the landing on where we go and what we do. I still do not know how she does it. Stacia =Magic. British Airways sucks. Japan is incredible.

We haven’t killed each other yet. Getting sports organized is much harder than expected, but other energy activities like hiking are more possible, and better, as a family. (ie. The many temple visits are really hikes with temples attached.)

Professor Gugick has done a terrific job of mixing it up, doing advance research on places and topics, as well as remaining calm in the face of uncertainty. For a structured guy, he has been able to hang loose with the Traveling Wilburys and “trust the force.” Plus he rode a tram, white knuckles and all.

With more time in places, and our eyes open as part of our daily lives, the process becomes observing, noting and capturing cultural differences. The absorption becomes second nature..and understanding profound.

It’s really hard watching events at home in the U.S. Please let’s not kill the goose.

With distance comes perspective.

Alexander said it best a few posts ago, “The world is going to be really small at the end of this year…heck, it already seems a lot smaller.”