A nice note of thanks

From: Alexander Balog <alexanderbalog09@gmail.com>
Date: July 13, 2018 at 8:06:07 PM EDT
To: Arthur Gugick <arthur@gugick.com>
Subject: Dear Professor

I hear you are under the weather. I hope you feel better and I wanted to send you a letter wishing you well.
          So much has changed since we ended our trip. It’s wonderful having a new house and furniture. I am with my dog again, I have my own bed and room…..I forgot how easy life is. However, if there is one thing that has not changed since the trip, it is my appreciation for my wonderful teacher. I thank you for helping make an unforgettable chapter of my life.
I’m honored to have shared such an experience with you and my family. Thanks you    -Alexander Balog

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