Like everyone, I am terribly sad that this US school gun debate is even necessary.

Here in Myanmar/Burma, all, every MALE, spends some time as a Buddhist monk for some period, sometimes beginning as early as 3. One year, 3, 10 …away from their families visiting home max one day per week. Learning the way of the Buddha. The population is incredibly serene, helpful, joyful, pleasant, humble, respectful. Safety and trust are embedded in the culture. As Stacia and I or the kids walk around at night, we feel safer than anywhere I’ve ever lived, that’s for certain.
I know, I know, impractical, yadda yadda.
“You may say i’m a dreamer…but i’m not the only one…” But the fact remains, women leaders, (And thoughtful respectful boys), tend not to kill other mother’s children. (Oh, Slo, the irony of saying that from Myanmar. But that too is indecipherably complex)

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