Be upbeat. Whether you are an optimist or pessimist, the outcome will not change.

Positivity. In investment terms, as in life, a positive attitude and outlook cost nothing, anyone can have it and it has the highest return. Below are six charts that measure changes in six important measures of human progress, and provide evidence why people everywhere should pay heed. As I often tell my kids, if you have 100 loaves of bread, and you get one more, it’s often, “Dude, what the heck”? But if you live elsewhere and you have only one, and you get one more, YOU. ARE. PSYCHED!

Here is the data from that chart I think every kid should be familiar with (Not fake news). Since studies show nearly 60% of people only read headlines, and over 85% only read the first two sentences of newspaper and website stories, here are the highlights. This has all occurred in MY LIFETIME (SINCE 1960)!

Extreme poverty: 65% has dropped to 10% since  1960

Basic education: 45% has increased to 85% since 1960

Literacy: 45% to 85% since 1960

Democracy: 35% to 55% since 1960

Vaccination: nearly ZERO % in 1960 to 85% today

Child mortality: In 1960, 20% of children died before their 5th birthday. Today it’s 4%

By any measure, it’s never been better. Be Positive.

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