The Relationship Agreement Movie Review

The play The Relationship Agreement revolves around a couple and the rules they resurrect each other in their relationship. It was directed by Meherzad Patel, and Chakravarti will be visible alongside Danesh Irani, Sajeel Parakh, Meher Acharia Dar and Darius Shroff. The show will take place on Valentine`s Day at the Tata Theatre, NCPA, Nariman Point. The play has been performed in different locations in India and has received overwhelming resonance from the theatrical community. Its contemporary hues, funny dialogues and impeccable timing of the occupation were also praised by the media. Bombay Times summed up the play with the following: “It`s a fun interpretation of relationships. It`s definitely a must.” The midday tabloid gave a fiery criticism that praised the occupation and the narrow direction all around. If your partner gives you a certain number of rules, a list of preferences, disaffections, things he approves, does it make your relationship better? Or worse? Let`s find out with an interesting plot and in a much more humorous way than you can imagine. Social media has attached us to immediate grat satisfaction – whether it`s online shopping or dating, we want everything in one click and a windshield wiper. The play is a new age comedy about a few, weaned on social networks, who pronounces a relational contract written to save themselves from the usual arrangement of trial and error, which is the norm. A couple establishes a relationship contract to avoid attempts and mistakes in a relationship.

Things get even more complicated when their parents meet on social media and start making an appointment. .