Sec Software License Agreement

Do you have any comments on the information presented? Have you thought about any other points that should be addressed in this software license agreement checklist or in a software license agreement template? Let me know and I`d like to consider addressing your thoughts in an updated version. 11.2 In the context of the performance of its contractual obligations, the licensor processes personal data for which the holder is responsible or if access to such personal data is possible, the parties conclude in advance an agreement for the processing of order data in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. Software: the licensor`s standard software purchased by the licensee. Its main technical characteristics are described on In some cases, timing is a factor and timelines for quarterly or annual accounts may affect a donor`s willingness to negotiate certain arrangements. For other transactions, the nature or intended use of the software is appropriate for a negotiated transaction. This is more often the case when a lessee considers the transaction to be essential in size, the software is “business-critical” or when there are less viable alternatives on the market. Ultimately, a software license agreement can be a product of significant negotiations between the licensor and the licensee. Rather, this is the case when a licensee has more leverage or if the licensor has a strong economic interest in closing the transaction. Confidential information: All objects (z.B. Software, documents, media, information protected by proprietary rights, which contain business or business secrets or which are identified as confidential. The compensation most requested by licensees is a provision relating to compensation for intellectual property. As a general rule, licensees seek full indemnification, defense, and enforce indemnification rules with respect to third-party claims against licensee`s use of the software.

11.5 The information provided by the licensee is provided by the licensor to the provision of support services, the promotion of our services and the performance of legal obligations (e.g. .