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After the agency contract is signed by the committee members, who is entitled to have a copy of the agreement in addition to the program secretary? Yes, if they want a fixed term of 3 years, this can be discussed at the general meeting and placed on the agenda. See above. You can demand a maximum of one year. All that should happen is that you remove the words “3 years” and write “1 year” by hand in the agreement and at the beginning “1 year”. If a management agent wishes to change the structure of his management costs, should he not put it on the agenda and discuss it with the owner company at the general meeting? From my recent experience in South Africa, you need to know exactly what you expect from your manager and fight for him to be included in your agreement. The manager or agent conducts field inspections, but the owner is responsible for repairs and maintenance and ultimately ensures that the property is secure. Your management agency contract indicates the extent to which tenants or the agent can make repairs. Before signing a lease, a management agent must: Do you have a question about renewing the management agency contract or something you can add to the article? Leave a comment below. There is a common practice of extending building maintenance or management agreements in order to circumvent the 10-year cap of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (SSMA 2015).

However, in the recent case of Australia City Properties Management Pty Ltd v The Owners – Strata Plan No 65111 [2020] NSWSC 1505, Justice Darke found that the amendments used to extend the term of the agreement by more than 10 years by adding option periods were in fact limited to a ten-year term. The agreement should be transmitted with the agenda, but it is not necessary to circulate it beforehand. The agreement may be tabled at a meeting if the request provides that the agreement must be tabled and accepted. The termination of a management contract must be in writing. If you arrange the termination yourself, we recommend that you send the termination by e-mail and then make a call to your manager. That way, you saved it, it was sent and received. Of course, if you don`t want to commit, we can do it on your behalf. Always make sure that you or your new agent receive copies of the current lease, status/inspection reports, rental bonds, and a list of all revenues and expenses from your former agency for the current fiscal year. . . .

Loan Agreement Template Namibia

2. Rating approved by the lender. The Company shall so appoint the lender as its agent in order to provide an appropriate rating on the loan and repayment plan (or on the continuation of such schedules), in which the date and amount of each loan, the date and amount of accrued interest added to the balance of outstanding principal, the date and amount of any repayment of principal under this Agreement or other information; are listed in the loan and repayment plan. Such confirmation constitutes proof at first sight of the accuracy of the information contained therein; provided, however, that the lender`s failure to make such a rating or an error in such a rating does not affect the obligations of the reimbursing entity of that rating, in accordance with its terms. This form has been prepared for general information purposes only. They do not constitute legal advice, advertisements, invitations or tax advice. The transmission of this form and the information it contains is not intended to establish a mandate relationship and its receipt does not constitute a justification for a mandate relationship. They should not, for any purpose, rely on this document or such information without obtaining legal advice from a duly licensed lawyer, including verification and advice under this form, the necessary authorizations in connection with the transactions set out in this form and all securities laws and other legal matters; the operations envisaged in this form or in the transactions provided for in this form. For the value received, the undersigned [company name] (the “Company”), undertakes to pay on the due date (defined below) [name of lender] or to registered assignment beneficiaries (the “Lender”) which may be advanced from time to time.

This Schedule and part of this Schedule includes an Annex (the “Loan and Repayment Plan”) that lists all capital loans granted by the Lender to the Business and all principal repayments made by the Business to the Lender under this Agreement. This loan agreement template is available for use on UpCounsel. You can download this free credit agreement form below and have it tailored to your unique credit and business law needs today. In this context, this loan agreement is executed from the aforementioned date. . 4. Payments. Payments are made by (a) cheque to be paid to the lender, b) assignment of certain assets or (c) a combination of the foregoing. All payments shall first be applied to fees and expenses and other amounts due to the lender in accordance with this Communication; second, on accrued interest payable; and thirdly, in principle. The lender has claims against the undersigned. 5.

Waiver Statements. The company waives, presents, protests, requests for payment, dishonorable notices and any other message or claim related to the provision, acceptance, performance, delay or approval of this note. No waiver by the lender of a delay is effective unless it is in writing and is not considered a waiver of another delay or the same delay on a future occasion. 6.3. Changes. This communication may only be amended and modified by means of a letter executed by the company and the holder of this communication. Create your profile today and get access to free convenient marketing and management tools….

License Agreement Net Sales

Localization of recordings. Consider requiring the licensee to keep all relevant accounts and records on their primary site for at least two years after an audit, if a follow-up process is underway. Minimum warranty clause. For licensors, one of the main objectives of any agreement is to ensure that one or more licensees sell the desired quantities of the product. By inserting a minimum guarantee clause for sales (or services), licensors can guarantee a basic level of license revenue that they can expect over the term of the agreement. This, in turn, incentivizes takers to sell products to cover the costs indicated in the minimum guarantee. If the lessee does not meet the defined minimum requirements, the clause must allow the licensor to “recover” certain contractual rights or to terminate the contract prematurely. Other fines. In any licensing relationship, licensees may engage in activities detrimental to the licensor. This may include the sale of unauthorized or unauthorized products, the sale of licensed products to unauthorized customers, outside of contractual distribution channels or outside authorized distribution areas, or the use of sublicenses without express permission under the license agreement. In order to discourage such activities, licensors should introduce specific fines in their agreements.

These penalties should have teeth, as for example. B multiple increases in the standard royalty rate during the period during which a licensee committed a violation or a high penalty (50 to 100 percent) for all profits related to sales that violate the agreement. The contractual language for sanctions should be carefully developed to avoid granting the right to conduct prohibited activities with the higher “penalty interest rate”, generally emphasizing that such activity constitutes a violation of the licence agreement. Often, the definition of “net sales” in a licensing agreement relates to sales related to licensed products. It is a term that is defined separately by a single language – for example. B all “manufactured”, “used” or “manufactured” products – covered by one or more patent claims under license. Therefore, before the appropriate licensed net net turnover can be determined, it is necessary to carefully examine the licensee`s relevant product lines and identify the products covered by one or more licensed patent claims. This is particularly important because the lessee expands the portfolio of products that expand, enhance or complement the patented product originally envisioned and marketed. However, from the licensor`s point of view, the subject is not as clear-cut and dry. A licensor should think about why they should bear the bulk of the licensee`s bad business. After all, it is not a collection office. In addition, any depreciation may be the result of more than the “bad luck” of the licensee.

For example, a licensee might deliberately choose not to collect a debt for a future transaction with a customer that has nothing to do with the licensed products, that is. A transaction for which the licensor would not be compensated. In our experience, these retrospectively developed products are often treated by the licensee as products outside the scope of patents or licensed convoy products that are not subject to the calculation of royalties. But are they? Retail sales. If the licensee is able to sell licensed products at retail in its own stores or online, this capacity should be taken into account in the definition of gross turnover. In order to maximise licence revenues, gross sales should be defined either as a retail selling price or as an actual selling price to the final consumer. Since quotas are generally not linked to retail sales and discounts are generally minimal, actual selling prices may be an adequate definition of gross turnover in retail trade. Alternatively, wholesale lists, best wholesale prices or average wholesale prices can be used to define gross turnover in the retail trade….