Coned Collective Bargaining Agreement 2016

Correspondence agreements that set new titles in certain departments, increase the salaries of current employees who move to new titles, and/or provide for scholarships or salary increases if tests are passed for different tasks. In November 2012, the local met with AGL Resources for a 3-year contract. AGL was aiming for major changes to the contract, but Local 424 made many profits, including 9% salary increases. Local 424 was able to fend off many of the concessions requested by the company. This contract expires in November 2015. In 2011, the local negotiated a four-year CBA with NAES Corp for members of the Bridgeport Energy plant and in 2014 a four-year extension with PSEG for members of the Bridgeport Harbor and New Haven Harbor plants. Since the NAES contract in 2011, we have negotiated the transition through two different asset sales to Capital Power and, more recently, Emera Energy in 2014, and enhanced our agreement with each sale. In January 2012, Local 375 agreed with United Water on a 5-year contract with salary increases of nearly 15% in total. The local has also succeeded on many other gains. This contract expires in February 2017. At Eversource Energy, our largest company, we have looked at merger issues, such as the merger between National Grid and Keyspan in 2006. We contacted the Massachusetts Attorney General`s Office and were able to insert a language into the merger agreement that states that there will be no job losses because of the merger, and if there is a transfer of work from Massachusetts out of state, there must be a quid pro quo for the work that comes to Massachusetts. New York, NY – Local 1-2 of the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) has agreed with Con Edison, its largest employer, on the terms of its contract for 2020-2024.

For the first time, small Local 1-2 bargaining units conducted negotiations at the same time with NRG and US Power Generating (Queens and Brooklyn). Both treaties were presented in good time to members and the good results were confirmed by 98% of the votes. The negotiations with Entergy in 2012 were our biggest fight. Although we accepted a new collective agreement in July of the same year, we were excluded from the establishment for about five weeks. Originally, this company wanted to terminate the existing agreement and transfer the health costs to our members. We said no and we were together on picket lines in front of their institutions. In 2012, Local 1-2 ratified a new contract with Consolidated Edison (New York City) with 93% of the vote, after 27 days of lockout of 8500 members in July. Con Ed took the step to deprive members of their health insurance. The lockout ended when Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped in and met with Kevin Burke, CEO of Con Ed, and President Harry Farrell 1-2 and National President Michael Langford; An agreement was reached in several hours. This is what happened during intense heat events that weighed on electricity and gas systems to the brink of collapse and endangered the health and well-being of millions of New Yorkers. In the end, the UWUA prevailed and offered members a contract far above industry standards.

This agreement expires in June 2016. Past experience has taught us that Con Ed will work again to dismantle the union. We have learned the lessons of 2012 and believe that our resurrected membership in Local 1-2 Con Ed will prevent further revolting and dangerous acts. John Melia, a spokesman for Local 1-2, said: “Con Ed offers nothing but regressive politics. The purpose of a contract is to improve the conditions of its workers. Con Ed loves to play hardball, we`ve been there with them before. You have shareholders. [But] we know that the utility company is understaffed, we know that the network is under pressure because it has not been maintained or modernized. Now, because of the pandemic, everyone is working from home.