Translate To Spanish License Agreement

An end-user license agreement (end-user license agreement) is a legal contract between the author or publisher of a software application and the user of that software. The purpose of an ECJ is to define in detail the rights and restrictions that apply to the use of the software. One of the essential features of a CAU is to keep the software licensee unscathed if the application causes damage to the user`s data or computer. Many EU A go further and propose restrictions for which the licensee can be held liable for damages resulting from the use of the application. As you can imagine, EU A can be long and written in highly technical and legal language. Experienced and broad corporate director and corporate advisor (OGC), for start-ups, small businesses and growing businesses of all sizes, consulting and customer support for business and LLC creation, contracts and agreements, terms of use and internet, trademarks and intellectual property protection, business purchase and sale (M-A), employment and employment issues, compliance and risk management, corporate governance and commercial leasing. Other comments on my website at As mentioned above, it often lacks accurate terminology when legalese is translated from one language to another. We used the common law example because it has no specific equivalent in certain languages of countries that do not apply the common law legal system. Extending text or adding more words, phrases or phrases than in the source document, is a common strategy to help “triangulate” the meaning you get in translation. Remember, cla is inherently performative, so don`t feel compelled to stay in the rigid lexicon of the source document.

It is normal to add more words if necessary to create an accurate translation. For this reason, when you compare English EULEs to their translation equivalent, larger clauses are often displayed in translated EULAs. The following focuses on some of the high-level challenges associated with translating end-user licensing agreements, followed by practical approaches to solving these issues. William L Foster has been a lawyer for a large law firm in Denver, Colorado since 2006. His experience is in establishing commercial contracts, organizational documents and transaction agreements. Translating an end-user license agreement without consulting a lawyer is a recipe for disaster. It certainly creates legal risks, but it can also hurt your brand. An experienced and experienced international lawyer will help adapt the ECJ to the right legal system and cultural writing style.

This will create immediate credibility with an international user, as it shows that you have spent the time and effort (and money) to internationalize the document for their user experience. These measures will also help you protect yourself from potential conflicts. On the contrary, if you give up this step, you risk losing confidence in your users. It may be tempting to use a translator or translation desk to support CLA translation for cost reasons. Remember that it can be more expensive at the end if a lawyer checks and reviews the translator`s work, if the legal terminology is corrected, which may have been misrepresced, or other errors that a non-lawyer would not know.