Shared Kitchen Rental Agreement

Commercial Kitchen Rental Agreement This contract is for the rental of space in the commercial kitchen in 1155 SW Division St, Bend OR 97702 date of this ______day of _________Zwischen ___________________________of______________________________. The owner believes that the customer has the necessary qualifications, licenses, food cards and skills to provide documentation to the owner. Liability insurance is required by all parties active in the kitchen and must have set up an additional insured driver for Bend Cookie Company, LLC and NASECO (owner) before using the kitchen. B. The client agrees to make these documents available to the owner under this contract. In light of the issues described above and the reciprocal benefits and obligations set out in this Agreement, which are recognized for receipt and adequacy, the parties agree to services, provided that the owner declares herby to rent this kitchen to the customer, for an hourly rate including installation and storage time. The customer must keep all areas clean, check the current data and turn the stock. No expired appointments allowed in the premises mentioned. No smoking, drugs or alcohol is allowed in the dwelling.

Duration of the agreement The duration of this agreement begins on the date of this agreement and continues indefinitely until it is denounced in accordance with this agreement. If one of the parties wishes to terminate this contract, that party must provide one week`s notice. Disposal The client will not otherwise surrender or transfer the obligations under this contract without the prior written consent of the owner. Independent Capacity/Contractor It is expressly agreed that the client acts as an independent contractor and not as an employee in the provision of services under this contract. The client and the owner acknowledge that this agreement does not create any partnership or joint venture between them and that it is exclusively a service contract. Amendment of the contract Any amendment to the amendment to this agreement or the additional obligation taken by one of the parties in connection with this agreement is binding only if it is signed in writing by each party or by an authorized representative of each party. Note that all communications, receivables, receivables or other communications necessary or admitted by the terms of this Agreement are forwarded to the contracting parties in writing and in the following manner: a. – Costs and legal costs In the event of legal action to enforce or interpret a clause in this agreement, the dominant party has the right, in addition to any other damage or surcharge, to claim all reasonable costs and fees related to the legal action.