Scaffolding Contract Agreement Hire Sample

Unless the scaffolding has been modified or handled by the customer, we undertake to exercise due diligence, in accordance with the standards applicable in the construction industry, to ensure that all scaffolding is constructed properly and appropriately in accordance with the requirements of the customer and in accordance with the requirements of the 1961 Building Code and the 1966 Building Code (Workplaces). 5.3 All variation work performed by the company at the request of the lessor, if not billed individually in advance of the work and subject to a contractual agreement, is billed at the company`s standard rate. If a copy of this copy is not provided with this offer, the tenant must request a copy from the company. 23. Dispute Resolution 23.1 All disputes and disputes between the client and Cougar and regarding this agreement are referred to arbitration proceedings under a single arbitrator agreed by both parties or to a non-agreement, by two arbitrators (one to be appointed by each party) and by their arbitrator (designated by them before arbitration), such arbitration must be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the 1996 Arbitration Act. 11. the fixing of equipment ending on land or buildings11.1 If equipment or part of the equipment is installed on land or buildings in accordance with this agreement and if the land or buildings are or will be subject to a mortgage or tax; Whether they are authorized by law under the PPSA or otherwise, the customer receives, without first receiving a request from Cougar, written confirmation of the mortgage space or hold (depending on what might be the case) that:a) the device or part of it is not an institution for the purposes of the mortgage or tax;b) that, therefore, the holder of the mortgage or the levy does not claim any rights relating to the device or any other party; and (c) that the Cougar mortgage or fee holder (whether there was a delay under the mortgage or tax) will authorize intrusion into the land or buildings and the removal of equipment or part of it. 12. Customer Responsibilities 12.1 Customer:a) to maintain equipment as required by Cougar; b) Cougar, in the first place, immediately informs by telephone of the full circumstances of a mechanical failure or accident related to the aircraft. A follow-up email required within four (4) hours, detailing the failure or error in the equipment, is required by the customer at Cougar. The customer is not exempt from the device`s protection requirements by such a message; (c) ensure that the device is suitable for its purpose prior to the delivery of the equipment; (d) use the device safely, strictly in accordance with the law, only for the intended use and in accordance with the manufacturer`s instructions; Whether it is delivered by Cougar or booked on the device; (e) ensure that all persons who build or use the device are properly informed in their safe and correct use and have, if necessary, an up-to-date inspection certificate and/or a full licence; (f) comply with all laws relating to the safety and use of the device; (g) keep the device in its possession and control and not be able to or not attribute the advantage of the lease; to make use of a contract, or to assign a charge to the device;(h) not to modify or complete additions to the device, including, but without restriction, identification or removal of trademarks, license plates or numbers on or in the equipment or otherwise;i) use the equipment exclusively in one`s own work and do not allow the equipment of part of it be used by another party for other work;d) any contact airline current, the device`s installation is deactivated prior to the installation of the equipment (k) to ensure that there are no excavations or excavations at near or under the device during installation or installation or once the device is installed (l) the recommended or legal load and capacity limits of the device