Sample Joint Defense Agreement

CONSIDERING that the parties have common legal interests in the analysis and defence of certain allegations and claims related to the action, including all potential affirmative defences and counter-claims. The parties wish to ensure that their lawyers are free to share and exchange information that may be useful to the representation of each party, without waiving the confidentiality of communications and documents protected by solicitor-client privilege, the lawyer-work product doctrine or other applicable privileges. The signed lawyers believe that the disclosure of issues of common interest to the contracting parties promotes the effective representation of the contracting parties. Accordingly, the parties agree that all information between and between the parties and their counsel is confidential and confidential for common defence purposes, covered by solicitor-client privilege, the doctrine of the work product and all other applicable privileges, and that the parties intend to apply all privileges or immunities applicable to any information exchanged or exchanged in accordance with this common defence agreement. , in preparation for the , during the defense of and after the decision of the appeal. Notwithstanding the above, there is nothing in this Common Defence Agreement that compels the parties to exercise a common defence during the trial. I also confirm that I have the authority to sign this agreement on behalf of another agency that employs me and will do all work related to this commitment, retaining not only myself, but all other staff members of this institution, and that I will take appropriate steps to ensure that this other staff member respects the agreement that accompanies it. NOW, THEREFORE, the parties and counsel for the parties agree that for the purposes of this agreement, the term “advice” refers to any lawyer representing a party, including in-house counsel, all lawyers, lawyers and all external legal aid counsel of the parties acting on the instruction of an external lawyer, as well as any other person who expressly gave his written consent by the parties. The term “Outside Counsel” refers to any lawyer representing a party in an external law firm, as well as paralegs and legal referents working for such lawyers. The term “Joint Defense Group” means and includes parties and counsel. IN WITNESS THEREOF were executed by the parties to this agreement at the time of the aforementioned date and year. I confirm that I have verified and understood the joint defence agreement (“Agreement”) that has been concluded between the various signatories and that I confirm that I am fully compliant and bound to the accompanying agreement and each of its provisions. As far as I am aware, common defence information is confidential and can only be used in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, and that the obligations arising from this agreement remain in force in the event of revocation or settlement of the remedy.

A copy of this model of a common defence contract can be found here Signature: CONSIDERant that the parties were named as defendants in an action filed by “PLAINTIFF NAME” entitled “CAPTION” and originally filed on “Date” in the name of the court (the “recourse”). UNDERTAKING AND AGREEMENT TO BE BOUND BY JOINT DEFENSE AGREEMENT This joint defence (the “agreement”) is made and concluded by and among the undersigned lawyers, for themselves and on behalf of their respective clients (each a collective “party” and a collective “party”) (each a “party”) and collectively “party”).