Ryerson Residence Agreement

Five floors selected in the residence of derres are dedicated to living learning communities. They are all gender-specific and aim to foster the link between students by grouping them together on the basis of personal interests and academic aspirations. The residence contract is a legal document that you must read and sign before moving. It includes important information about the stay, such as moving dates, mid-year and departure dates, application deadlines and instructions, and payment deadlines. Please note that 99% of the rooms in the residence are single rooms. No no. Priority levels help determine the order in which a living room is offered to applicants. Priority/system levels are based only on two criteria: no. The issue of gender identity in the application for residence is voluntary. If you don`t want to identify your gender, you don`t have to.

If you wish to live with a person with the same gender identity, we ask you to identify your gender in the residency application so that we can adapt your gender identity when you are housed in a room style that includes roommates. CONTACT US Open 8:30 a.m. at 4.30pm.m. Monday to Friday or by appointment. 416-979-5332 Fax: 416-979-5332 dscn@ryerson.ca You can ask for up to three roommates in a group of roommates. Please note that all members of the desired group of roommates must receive an offer to stay during the first round of offers in order to meet the demand. Students who want to leave before the end of their agreement. Students remain financially responsible for their space until another student takes control of their space or until they are released from their agreement following an appeal. At Ryerson, we respect a person`s right to choose whether or not to disclose their gender identity and we do not feel that this is a necessary part of our stay-to-stay process. All salon styles are open to all gender identities. Residents can be categorized in a room style that includes roommates (who share an apartment, coupled or sharing double or triple rooms) of a gender identity different from their own. Yes! 99% of the bedrooms in the residence are individual, but 85% of single rooms (DCC apartments, and Pitman Hall apartments, couples and singles) share a laundry with other rooms.

Single rooms usually share the laundry room between 2 and 5 people. Send a request for a replacement mailbox or replacement residence card if your old key or card has been lost or destroyed.