Subscription Agreement In Greek

Issuers are able to manage outstanding market bonds by buying on the open market, unless the supply documents otherwise provide for it. In addition, if a call option is included in a bond credit agreement, the issuer may pursue the above measure. In such cases, certain advertising provisions may be applied. The insurance contract includes, in addition to insurance costs, liability charges and, in particular, liability limitations as well as compensation issues for insurers. Any limitation of liability or person responsible for the information contained in the prospectus is valid only between participants and is not valid for investors. Parties to these agreements include the issuer, the surety (if any), the representative of the bondholders and the paying body. Holders of original bonds acquire the bonds by registration on the accounts of bondholders (CSDs). There are no regulatory requirements for restrictions on transfers of private bonds or regulatory guarantees. The authorization to transfer obligations and its terms is a private agreement between the parties.

The main documents governing the terms of the bonds are the bond credit program, the bond creditor representation agreement, the paying agency`s creation agreement, the bond underwriting agreement and, if applicable, the hedging agreement. It is customary to agree between the issuer, its advisors and insurers certain thresholds of importance for the disclosure of information. B for example with respect to important issuer agreements or major disputes. Finally, we have included a model for the executive agreement. This agreement is signed between the founders and the company and describes the terms of the founders` commitment and defines their obligations to the company, such as .B full-time commitment and the non-compete clause. Preparation of issuer (e.B. financial and legal diligence, compliance with list and corporate governance obligations, etc.) ATHEX rules allow companies to issue bonds under Greek or foreign law. Therefore, the same requirements also apply to foreign issuers.

However, if the issuer is not a Greek SA, the Greek law on obligations, including its provisions and the tax benefits offered, is not applicable. The above regime (i.e. the single passport rule) establishes a harmonized strategy for prospectus requirements within the EEA. Therefore, a prospectus already approved in an EEA jurisdiction is valid in each EEA country and, therefore, only certain measures are needed, such as. B translation of the prospectus. What are the rules for offering these special debt securities? Are there accounting implications that the issuer should be aware of? In the case of a private placement, the issuance of a prospectus is not necessary.

Stresa Agreement

In October 1936 Mussolini concluded an agreement with Hitler and the Rome-Berlin axis was born. Germany signed the anti-international pact with Japan and Italy joined the pact in November 1937, polarizing international relations. However, British politicians did not want to attack or occupy Germany, preferring to make deals with it to maintain peace in Central Europe. Anti-war sentiment was also very strong in British public opinion. In February 1935, a summit between French Prime Minister Pierre Laval and British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald in London resulted in an Anglo-French communiqué proposing discussions with the Germans on arms control, an air part and security pacts for Eastern Europe and the nations bordering the Danube. [4] Coordinates: 45-53`47.1`N 8-31`33.6`E / 45.896417 N 8.526000 E / 45.896417; 8.526000 The Stresa Front was an agreement reached on 14 April 1935 in Stresa, a town on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy, between French Prime Minister Pierre-Etienne Flandin (with Pierre Laval), British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald and Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini. Formally described as the final declaration of the Stresa conference, its aim was to reaffirm the Locarno Treaties and to declare that Austria`s independence “will continue to inspire its common policy”. The signatories also expressed their readiness to oppose any future attempt by Germany to amend the Treaty of Versailles. The Stresa Front began to collapse after the United Kingdom signed the Anglo-German naval agreement in June 1935, in which Germany obtained permission to increase the size of its navy. It completely collapsed within two or three months of the initial agreement, shortly after the Italian invasion of Abyssinia.

[2] The proposal for the Eastern Pact and a Franco-Soviet mutual aid agreement were also submitted to the conference. Participants asked Hitler whether these agreements would hinder Germany`s participation in a multilateral non-aggression pact and, despite his evasive response, they expressed satisfaction with his response. During the conference, MacDonald and Simon Mussolini “unofficially” stated that they would not oppose his aggressive plans against Ethiopia.

Spousal Agreement Property

Marriage ownership agreements are often the driving force behind marital or post-uptial agreements. However, they can also be concluded at any time between spouses. In general, the purpose of a matrimonial property contract is to modify or convert the character of a common property into separate property or simply to clearly identify or vice versa. Another common use is to determine how future income from separated or shared assets will be distributed between the Community and individual spouses (. B for example, a pension account or pension). (d) the property is not considered a matrimonial home by both spouses and the eviction of a property other than the wedding home manufactured by both spouses is registered and not cancelled.” You can do this at the beginning of the object section of your contract or in a separate calendar at the end. If you have both agreed to have one of you stay in the family home for the time being, your agreement should specify the circumstances that end this agreement. For example, you may agree to have the children`s primary caretaker stay in the family home until a certain age. Or you agree that someone will live in the family home until they are sold. Note: This form only deals with property issues in divorce proceedings, in which the parties agree on how to distribute the property.

Other issues that may arise during divorce, such as assistance to children or spouses, custody/visitation or distribution of property, where property interests are disputed, are not addressed. It is always recommended to consult a lawyer before signing an agreement related to your real estate interests so that you have a complete understanding of your rights, including all marital property rights that you acquired during the marriage. To begin with a marriage or post-ascending agreement, speak to a family lawyer or estate planning lawyer. Name must be paid as compensation for the portion of payments made from the date of this agreement until the date of the agreement until the date on which the plan administrator begins to pay the action directly. The personal ownership of the parties, which has not yet been shared among themselves, including, but not limited to, household furniture, clothing, collections, computer equipment and works of art, is divided as follows: In California and other states authorizing spousal property agreements, there are certain rules that each spouse must follow in order for a matrimonial property contract to be legally applicable. Marital property would be all right, income or else that a spouse brought during a marriage. Everything from a domestic or family vehicle to the income a spouse has put into the marriage and placed in a common savings account could all be considered marital property. Enter the address of your family home. The rest of the agreement will call it “the family home.” Another common scenario for entering into a matrimonial real estate contract would be if you have children from a previous relationship. With a marriage agreement, you can allocate the property you want to go to your children after their death.

Similarly, by protecting your wealth, if you divorce, you can ensure that your inheritance is given to your children and not divided into half of the divorce. Marital real estate agreements – also known as marital and post-catch-up agreements — are flexible planning tools that help couples who are married or are already married and who wish to indicate how their wealth and debts should be distributed in the event of divorce and/or death. Agreement on what to do with pets in the family can be difficult and emotional. Pets are property, but they obviously cannot be “divided” like some other types of property. In some cases, people take precautions for their pets, which are very similar to educational arrangements with children. If you choose this approach, see section 2: Parenting for Options.

Simple Rental Agreement Forms

You can use Formplus payment integration to obtain payments for your equipment, while registering their consent to the terms of loss or damage. This also allows you to track the equipment you distribute for hire, as this is clearly stated in the agreement. This agreement is responsible for both parties involved in a number of responsibilities. If a customer requests a car rental service and sends you the contract form, you can specify the conditions for which you are spending your car. These conditions are not just for this type of property. They can also be used to rent equipment, cars and other items. A rental agreement is a contract between a landlord and the tenant, in which he sets out his conditions for renting real estate. A commercial rental agreement is specific to tenants who use the property for commercial or residential purposes, depending on the type of property to rent. However, some agreements are very detailed, which would sometimes turn away as tenants.

The solution, make it simple. This not only makes it easier to read, but also more acceptable to the parties involved if they are aligned on a single page. This model for the device lease serves as a written legal document detailing the conditions, responsibilities and obligations of the owner and tenant when renting the equipment. Allow customers to simply submit a rental request for your property while setting the terms of use. This form template for rental applications allows you to easily collect customer data, payments and binding rules. You can share these forms by email via a personalized link with Rentees. These online forms can also be filled out offline if the tenant is in a place where the Internet connection is poor. In most cases, a valid rental agreement can be used as proof of address.

You can use JotForm to create a rental PDF file for your client. This contract form is perfect for university students or new graduates who want to reduce the cost of accommodation. Through a legal approach, you are able to protect the interests of you and your roommate if things go south. If you haven`t had a chance to build a lease yet, we list some of the most important details you need to ask for and reveal about your contract – The premises (whether it`s a house, apartment, condo, basement or attic), contact information for landlord and tenant, amount of money the tenant pays to the landlord. , and the duration of the tenants has the right to remain on the site. They should also include clauses for signing conditions and widgets that should be signed by both parties. Almost every state requires a landlord to inform its tenants in advance before accessing a rental unit. Use the following table to check how much notification you need to give in your state and check the relevant law: To complete the process, a final exemplary procedure of the unit must be performed with the customer. Bring a checklist for the rental exam and document the condition of the property before the tenant moves in.

Shared Kitchen Rental Agreement

Commercial Kitchen Rental Agreement This contract is for the rental of space in the commercial kitchen in 1155 SW Division St, Bend OR 97702 date of this ______day of _________Zwischen ___________________________of______________________________. The owner believes that the customer has the necessary qualifications, licenses, food cards and skills to provide documentation to the owner. Liability insurance is required by all parties active in the kitchen and must have set up an additional insured driver for Bend Cookie Company, LLC and NASECO (owner) before using the kitchen. B. The client agrees to make these documents available to the owner under this contract. In light of the issues described above and the reciprocal benefits and obligations set out in this Agreement, which are recognized for receipt and adequacy, the parties agree to services, provided that the owner declares herby to rent this kitchen to the customer, for an hourly rate including installation and storage time. The customer must keep all areas clean, check the current data and turn the stock. No expired appointments allowed in the premises mentioned. No smoking, drugs or alcohol is allowed in the dwelling.

Duration of the agreement The duration of this agreement begins on the date of this agreement and continues indefinitely until it is denounced in accordance with this agreement. If one of the parties wishes to terminate this contract, that party must provide one week`s notice. Disposal The client will not otherwise surrender or transfer the obligations under this contract without the prior written consent of the owner. Independent Capacity/Contractor It is expressly agreed that the client acts as an independent contractor and not as an employee in the provision of services under this contract. The client and the owner acknowledge that this agreement does not create any partnership or joint venture between them and that it is exclusively a service contract. Amendment of the contract Any amendment to the amendment to this agreement or the additional obligation taken by one of the parties in connection with this agreement is binding only if it is signed in writing by each party or by an authorized representative of each party. Note that all communications, receivables, receivables or other communications necessary or admitted by the terms of this Agreement are forwarded to the contracting parties in writing and in the following manner: a. – Costs and legal costs In the event of legal action to enforce or interpret a clause in this agreement, the dominant party has the right, in addition to any other damage or surcharge, to claim all reasonable costs and fees related to the legal action.

Service Agreement Force Majeure

If the contract is to be executed in an area where there are regular overflows, the parties are expected to know that it could only flood. It will not be a force majeure event unless it is a heavy tide. These are quite limited options. I don`t want to. There is no relapse to responsibility other than the law of frustration. Showing that a business contract is frustrated is hard, except in really clear cases. I`ll come back to that for a moment. Force majeure clauses are one of those types of clauses that, if you need them, really need them. Editor`s Note: The following two standard force majeure clauses relate to epidemics and pandemics. The first example includes epidemics and pandemics in force majeure events, without exception. The second sampling clause also includes epidemics and pandemics, but explicitly excludes the current covid 19 pandemic from the scope of force majeure. These clauses may be included in commercial contracts such as service contracts, sales/sales contracts, advisory contracts, supply contracts, strategic distribution agreements, strategic partnership agreements, retail agreements, commercial cooperation contracts, etc.

Force majeure is generally defined as an event or any condition that does not exist at the time of signing the contract, that is not reasonably foreseeable at the time of signing the contract and is not reasonably under the control of one of the parties, which prevents the full or partial performance of its contractual obligations by one of the parties or makes the performance of those obligations so difficult or costly that such a benefit is economically unsustainable. (ii) mitigate the effects of a delay due to an act of force majeure, including the use of sources of services, equipment and alternative equipment acceptable to both parties (which neither party can unduly retain); and the sellers could only invoke the clause if they proved that one or more of the defined force majeure events prevented the delivery of the planned loading port during the contractual loading period. . She was unable to escape by invoking an event they had not foreseen in the force majeure clause. Once you have shown a lack of control, you must show causality: that the non-compliance with the agreement was caused by the event, and not on another event that occurred at the same time. The list of events to be submitted is the subject of negotiations between the parties. A typical list of force majeure events could include war, unrest, fires, floods, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, blockages, decelerations, persistent energy supply shortages, and state or government measures that prevent or prevent some from fulfilling their respective contractual obligations. For example, if there is a hurricane that has closed a port, the vendor planning to ship its goods through that port would not be held responsible for the late delivery of the goods.

This is a relatively simple clause, with a distinction between cases of political force and other cases of force majeure, and their consequences: – force majeure clauses have their place in virtually all contracts.

Scaffolding Contract Agreement Hire Sample

Unless the scaffolding has been modified or handled by the customer, we undertake to exercise due diligence, in accordance with the standards applicable in the construction industry, to ensure that all scaffolding is constructed properly and appropriately in accordance with the requirements of the customer and in accordance with the requirements of the 1961 Building Code and the 1966 Building Code (Workplaces). 5.3 All variation work performed by the company at the request of the lessor, if not billed individually in advance of the work and subject to a contractual agreement, is billed at the company`s standard rate. If a copy of this copy is not provided with this offer, the tenant must request a copy from the company. 23. Dispute Resolution 23.1 All disputes and disputes between the client and Cougar and regarding this agreement are referred to arbitration proceedings under a single arbitrator agreed by both parties or to a non-agreement, by two arbitrators (one to be appointed by each party) and by their arbitrator (designated by them before arbitration), such arbitration must be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the 1996 Arbitration Act. 11. the fixing of equipment ending on land or buildings11.1 If equipment or part of the equipment is installed on land or buildings in accordance with this agreement and if the land or buildings are or will be subject to a mortgage or tax; Whether they are authorized by law under the PPSA or otherwise, the customer receives, without first receiving a request from Cougar, written confirmation of the mortgage space or hold (depending on what might be the case) that:a) the device or part of it is not an institution for the purposes of the mortgage or tax;b) that, therefore, the holder of the mortgage or the levy does not claim any rights relating to the device or any other party; and (c) that the Cougar mortgage or fee holder (whether there was a delay under the mortgage or tax) will authorize intrusion into the land or buildings and the removal of equipment or part of it. 12. Customer Responsibilities 12.1 Customer:a) to maintain equipment as required by Cougar; b) Cougar, in the first place, immediately informs by telephone of the full circumstances of a mechanical failure or accident related to the aircraft. A follow-up email required within four (4) hours, detailing the failure or error in the equipment, is required by the customer at Cougar. The customer is not exempt from the device`s protection requirements by such a message; (c) ensure that the device is suitable for its purpose prior to the delivery of the equipment; (d) use the device safely, strictly in accordance with the law, only for the intended use and in accordance with the manufacturer`s instructions; Whether it is delivered by Cougar or booked on the device; (e) ensure that all persons who build or use the device are properly informed in their safe and correct use and have, if necessary, an up-to-date inspection certificate and/or a full licence; (f) comply with all laws relating to the safety and use of the device; (g) keep the device in its possession and control and not be able to or not attribute the advantage of the lease; to make use of a contract, or to assign a charge to the device;(h) not to modify or complete additions to the device, including, but without restriction, identification or removal of trademarks, license plates or numbers on or in the equipment or otherwise;i) use the equipment exclusively in one`s own work and do not allow the equipment of part of it be used by another party for other work;d) any contact airline current, the device`s installation is deactivated prior to the installation of the equipment (k) to ensure that there are no excavations or excavations at near or under the device during installation or installation or once the device is installed (l) the recommended or legal load and capacity limits of the device

Sample Joint Defense Agreement

CONSIDERING that the parties have common legal interests in the analysis and defence of certain allegations and claims related to the action, including all potential affirmative defences and counter-claims. The parties wish to ensure that their lawyers are free to share and exchange information that may be useful to the representation of each party, without waiving the confidentiality of communications and documents protected by solicitor-client privilege, the lawyer-work product doctrine or other applicable privileges. The signed lawyers believe that the disclosure of issues of common interest to the contracting parties promotes the effective representation of the contracting parties. Accordingly, the parties agree that all information between and between the parties and their counsel is confidential and confidential for common defence purposes, covered by solicitor-client privilege, the doctrine of the work product and all other applicable privileges, and that the parties intend to apply all privileges or immunities applicable to any information exchanged or exchanged in accordance with this common defence agreement. , in preparation for the , during the defense of and after the decision of the appeal. Notwithstanding the above, there is nothing in this Common Defence Agreement that compels the parties to exercise a common defence during the trial. I also confirm that I have the authority to sign this agreement on behalf of another agency that employs me and will do all work related to this commitment, retaining not only myself, but all other staff members of this institution, and that I will take appropriate steps to ensure that this other staff member respects the agreement that accompanies it. NOW, THEREFORE, the parties and counsel for the parties agree that for the purposes of this agreement, the term “advice” refers to any lawyer representing a party, including in-house counsel, all lawyers, lawyers and all external legal aid counsel of the parties acting on the instruction of an external lawyer, as well as any other person who expressly gave his written consent by the parties. The term “Outside Counsel” refers to any lawyer representing a party in an external law firm, as well as paralegs and legal referents working for such lawyers. The term “Joint Defense Group” means and includes parties and counsel. IN WITNESS THEREOF were executed by the parties to this agreement at the time of the aforementioned date and year. I confirm that I have verified and understood the joint defence agreement (“Agreement”) that has been concluded between the various signatories and that I confirm that I am fully compliant and bound to the accompanying agreement and each of its provisions. As far as I am aware, common defence information is confidential and can only be used in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, and that the obligations arising from this agreement remain in force in the event of revocation or settlement of the remedy.

A copy of this model of a common defence contract can be found here Signature: CONSIDERant that the parties were named as defendants in an action filed by “PLAINTIFF NAME” entitled “CAPTION” and originally filed on “Date” in the name of the court (the “recourse”). UNDERTAKING AND AGREEMENT TO BE BOUND BY JOINT DEFENSE AGREEMENT This joint defence (the “agreement”) is made and concluded by and among the undersigned lawyers, for themselves and on behalf of their respective clients (each a collective “party” and a collective “party”) (each a “party”) and collectively “party”).

Ryerson Residence Agreement

Five floors selected in the residence of derres are dedicated to living learning communities. They are all gender-specific and aim to foster the link between students by grouping them together on the basis of personal interests and academic aspirations. The residence contract is a legal document that you must read and sign before moving. It includes important information about the stay, such as moving dates, mid-year and departure dates, application deadlines and instructions, and payment deadlines. Please note that 99% of the rooms in the residence are single rooms. No no. Priority levels help determine the order in which a living room is offered to applicants. Priority/system levels are based only on two criteria: no. The issue of gender identity in the application for residence is voluntary. If you don`t want to identify your gender, you don`t have to.

If you wish to live with a person with the same gender identity, we ask you to identify your gender in the residency application so that we can adapt your gender identity when you are housed in a room style that includes roommates. CONTACT US Open 8:30 a.m. at 4.30pm.m. Monday to Friday or by appointment. 416-979-5332 Fax: 416-979-5332 You can ask for up to three roommates in a group of roommates. Please note that all members of the desired group of roommates must receive an offer to stay during the first round of offers in order to meet the demand. Students who want to leave before the end of their agreement. Students remain financially responsible for their space until another student takes control of their space or until they are released from their agreement following an appeal. At Ryerson, we respect a person`s right to choose whether or not to disclose their gender identity and we do not feel that this is a necessary part of our stay-to-stay process. All salon styles are open to all gender identities. Residents can be categorized in a room style that includes roommates (who share an apartment, coupled or sharing double or triple rooms) of a gender identity different from their own. Yes! 99% of the bedrooms in the residence are individual, but 85% of single rooms (DCC apartments, and Pitman Hall apartments, couples and singles) share a laundry with other rooms.

Single rooms usually share the laundry room between 2 and 5 people. Send a request for a replacement mailbox or replacement residence card if your old key or card has been lost or destroyed.