Bahrain Agreement With Israel

“I will make a good deal with Iran,” Trump said. “I`m going to make a deal that`s great for Iran. It`ll get them back. We will help them in every way we can. And Iran will be very happy. Iran will be very rich and very fast. The normalization of relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain is a real achievement for the Israelis. On Tuesday, a delegation from the United Arab Emirates will arrive in Israel to advance the Abu Dhabi standardization agreement. The VaE and Israel are still in the process after agreeing to have to clean up relations a month before Bahrain. As a result, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have signed a more detailed peace agreement, which is assumed to have more legal clout than the peace declaration signed with Bahrain. From the veranda above the south portico, just below Truman`s balcony, Mr. Trump said the agreements were just the beginning. “Today`s signing puts history on a new path and there will be very, very soon other countries” that are concluding similar agreements and ending Israel`s isolation in the region.

“It formalizes this, but it should not be overplayed as a solution to a fundamental conflict for Israel with its neighbors,” he added. Israel`s decades-long conflict with the Palestinians, he said, “is not resolved with this agreement.” The two states agreed on the establishment of diplomatic relations,[27] which is the first step for Bahrain to fully normalize its relations with Israel and, although it has signalled a prudent recognition of Israel`s legitimacy by Bahrain, King Hamad stressed “the need for a just and comprehensive peace as a strategic option, in accordance with the two-state solution and the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy.” Trump said the two states will exchange ambassadors and open embassies in each country and begin, among other things, cooperation in the fields of technology, health and agriculture. The agreement also provides for the establishment of flights between Tel Aviv and Manama. [28] On September 15, 2020, a signing ceremony was held at the White House. [5] The declaration recognizes the sovereignty of each state and indicates that the two countries have agreed to seek agreements on embassies and other subjects in the future. [29] There are other pitfalls as well. There is no timetable for the conclusion of other concrete agreements on the different types of cooperation that have been announced.