Political Broadcast Agreement Form Pb-19

Not only do issuers need to pay attention to their p`s and q when collecting information, but they must be on time – documentation must be uploaded to the public online file (OPIF) as soon as possible – no later than 24 hours after the request or the next business day. Super Tuesday is less than two weeks away, Michael Bloomberg is spending a ransom on political advertising, and the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) is actively investigating the channels` compliance with political records. Now is the time to ensure that your station staff understands the FCC`s policy file requirements and implements any necessary changes to your procedures. A request for time by a legal candidate (federal, regional or local) or, on behalf of that candidate, by his authorized campaign committee, is an announcement of candidacy. Candidate ads should contain the above information, plus: Remember: Now that public files are online for all stations, FCC employees can check public files for compliance. Failure to comply with public file rules can result in significant fines. So, buckle up for a quick update of the requirements of political advertising, so you can take in those sweet political dollars without worrying about turning around and paying Uncle Sam to do it wrong. So how can you be sure that your station staff is gathering all the necessary information? Fortunately, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has updated its radio political agreement forms – one for candidate ads and one for AdRs. NAB members can download the forms for free; Non-member stations can order PB-19 forms through the NAB online store. NAB has copyrighted the form, so nysba can`t just distribute it to you. These forms contain (1) the NAB contract form for candidates` political advertising and (2) the NAB contract form for non-candidates/editing ads.

Political Public File 101: the Communications Act and the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA) require all radio stations to report all requests to purchase advertising time in their public inspection files. A new edition of the PB-19 form has been published by NAB. This new form contains updated questions that must be answered to comply with the new FCC rules. We strongly recommend that broadcasters use this new form. For release announcements that do not address issues of national importance, channels should simply document the fact that the ads were aired and keep a list of senior executives or board members or the board of directors of the time-buying company. There is no need for information on fare, class and flight schedules. For these release announcements, the issuer in the public file – in addition to the above information on rates, classes and schedule – must document the following: we will break down according to the different information required by the different types of ads, but some requirements apply to all advertising time requirements.