Film Investor Agreement Template

When it comes to investing, I advise you to do it through a lawyer. There are important clauses that you need to include. It could be devastating if you miss one or two with a temple. I`m sure you`ve already tried Google and you don`t want to. I know that is not what you are hoping for, so I apologize in advance. I`ve seen far too many agreements/contracts on fraud without bad intent, but because filmmakers hope to save a few hundred dollars by not using a lawyer. FilmProposal always recommends that you look for a professional lawyer for all papers that discuss the exchange of funds between a filmmaker and his investors. Many lawyers can charge you the equivalent of a business plan, which you can easily do with our financing package. However, only a lawyer can reach an agreement between you and the investors for legal obtaining and distribution of funds.

Do you have the right tools to create your film investor contract? Our Movie Investor package describes every step of the way so you can clearly analyze and explain your product, your customers, your budget, your market and your offer. With our team, enjoy a great advantage over other independent movie-makers: “Below the Line”, the team refers to crew members who deal with the practical aspects of cinema, such as Z.B. Light and Sound Technicians and screenwriter supervisors. Below the line, crew members are usually paid hourly, as opposed to the flat fee over the line that crew members receive. As a result, agreements with airline crews are often less complex than agreements over their line colleagues. In the case of a typical film production, the backends (net profits from the film) are divided fifty-fifty between the filmmaker and the investor. For example, a director`s employment contract would involve compensation for development and production, depending on when the director was recruited. The agreement could also include a provision to share a portion of the winnings if the film is doing well in the box office of cinemas. In addition, it is not uncommon for the line crew to receive a daily or daily bursary to cover their expenses while they are on the set. The agreement usually contains provisions on how to credit over the Crew line in a movie, which can sometimes be very controversial.

In addition, such an agreement could give directors the right to recruit other crew members and decide on occupation. A director might want to have control over the film`s editing and final cut, and the extent of that control should also be remembered in the director`s work contract. Finally, an agreement with a director could have a “right of first refusal” giving the director the right to decide whether to stage prequels or sequels of the film before the producers can hire another director. Like writers, many experienced directors are members of the DGA. Their agreements would be subject to the rules of the DGA and their basic agreement. You have prepared your film business plan, you have sent it to film investors and you think you are in the process of obtaining your film financing. The next likely step is that the investor will apply for a film investor contract before cutting the elusive “independent film financing cheque.” So how do you make sure there`s nothing between you and an interested film investor? One possibility is the use of a film-investor agreement. On the other hand, the investor will try to negotiate to protect his investment and allow continuity in case new teams or creative members have to be brought to the benefit of the project.