Escrow Agreement Traduzione Italiano

Dear Massimo Adriano, the amount to be paid in favour of the custodian of the sums (so-called “fiduciary agent”) has no fixed value, but is agreed by the parties at the time of the conclusion of the contract. Compensation depends on both the amount entrusted to the third party and the duration of the deposit; In any case, it is usually an amount that is a rather small percentage, like 5 or 6 per mile. Please contact me for more information. Cordially The custodian undertakes to deliver the goods (or amount) subject to the deposit to the beneficiary of the trust contract after the arrival of a particular condition (which is often the respect of the beneficiary himself). It is now clear why this type of guarantee is becoming more widespread: the benefits to both parties are multiple and the risk of default of the counterparty is minimized. It goes without saying that the loyalty agreement must be expressly provided for in the main contract and must also be properly regulated: the parties must therefore indicate what is the subject of the bond, which is retained and what its obligations are, as well as, of course, the conditions under which the latter must fulfil by returning the object of the guarantee, with regard to the beneficiary or the depositor. However, in recent times, a form of guarantee has spread, which is not the result of our legal system, but of the Anglo-Saxon system. This is the trust agreement: fiduciary in English means guarantee, commitment, surety. Do you want to add a word, phrase or translation? The position of the third party is extremely delicate, as it must assess whether or not there is compliance and identify the person to whom the quantity or sum is to be delivered. For this reason, the third director is usually a bank or agent, precisely because of the strength and confidence that characterize these institutions. . Keep in mind that the word list is stored only in your browser.