Enterprise Agreement Notre Dame

Although not known to all, the business bargaining system is inspired by the work of Samuel Becket, as evidenced by interviews and interviews at the University of Notre Dame Australia. NTEU Macquarie Branch is working to have the new Fair Work professional staff agreement approved before Christmas. This means that we want a meeting of members on Wednesday, December 5, 2018. After the low-cost vote, the agreement will be submitted to all staff members for voting within the week of December 10, 2018. This will give us a unique opportunity to redirect the expiry data of academic and professional staff agreements. It is important that we can finally resume negotiations on academic and professional staff in the next round, which gives members a much greater and more effective voice within this institution. The conditions of employment at the UTS are determined by various laws, collective agreements, common law and university police, practice and statutes. If you would like more information on collective bargaining for professional staff, please contact the NTEU Macquarie Branch Office (ext 7643 or [email protected]) or one of the NTEU Professional Staff Bargaining Team: Benjamin Dougall, Rob Davies, Nikki Balnave, Robbie Miller and Cathy Rytmeister. If you would like us to hold a union meeting at your workplace to discuss the progress/questions of enterprise bargaining, please contact the institution and we will set it up. The old agreement expired 18 months ago and talks on a new agreement have been going on for two years without anything happening. For employees who experience domestic violence, 20 days of paid leave are now available in addition to personal vacations. 5 days of unpaid leave are available to casual staff.

The industrial conditions of EMPLOYMENT for UTS employees are mandatory: there have also been a number of issues that we considered relatively weak and which we wanted to clarify. The university has not cooperated on these issues. Please be careless and respectful in your comments. Pay slips allow you to pay for items you would normally pay in after-tax dollars, with pre-taxes. This plan can reduce the amount of taxes you pay and increase your takeaway salary. The tax result of each agent depends on the circumstances. There are no comments. Be the first to have a say! In UnityDr Richard Paul HamiltonBranch PresidentAssistant Division Secretary (Academic)University of Notre Dame Australia conventionally, most people buy their cars directly or get a car on finances. With Novated Lease Vehicles, you can now pay for your car and save a huge amount of money, while including all your running costs, this comfort is literally at your fingertips. Six weeks of paid surrogacy leave, available to professional staff, and the guaranteed right to return from part-time parental leave at work (provided that a fraction greater than 0.6) Our claims protocol, approved by the Fremantle and Sydney assemblies and recently confirmed, is modest, quite reasonable and reflects industry standards. Disciplinary procedure for misconduct and unsatisfactory performance: All requests for salary packaging must be filed: December 2021 means that negotiation processes for professional and academic staff will be voted on in the next round.

This will increase the bargaining power of qualified staff. We had previously agreed, at the request of UNDA management, to postpone this meeting because management had indicated that there would be progress in the handling of outstanding debts.