Community Benefits Agreement Bc

The signatories to the Community Benefits Agreement are BCIB and the Allied Infrastructure and Related Construction Council (AIRCC), which represents many of B.C`s construction trades. Contractors representing the B.C construction industry played an important advisory role in the development of the agreement. “British Colombians are right to expect B.C projects to benefit B.C workers, families and communities. Our new Community Benefits Agreement will achieve these benefits,” said Prime Minister John Horgan. What are “community benefits”? There are many types of community performance agreements. Typically, a CBA is an agreement that establishes recruitment rules for publicly funded infrastructure projects. As a general rule, there will be provisions for the hiring of skilled local workers and for under-represented groups, including Aboriginal people, apprentices and women in the professions. CbAs also contain provisions for union wages and ensure that there are no work stoppages (strikes, lockouts) during construction. The first projects under the new Community Performance Framework are the new Pattullo Bridge and the four laning projects on the Trans-Canada Highway between Kamloops and Alberta.

The application for qualification (RFQ) for the pattullo bridge replacement project has been released. All BCIB employees receive competitive salaries, benefits and pensions, allowing them to spend less time dealing with bills and spending more time focusing on using and building their skills. “With this agreement, we are not only investing in roads, bridges and other infrastructure, but we are investing in good jobs and new opportunities for people living in B.C. And by focusing on developing learning for young people in British Columbia, we are helping to build the next generation of B.C construction workers.” Public infrastructure projects are expected to bring direct and long-term benefits to B.C. workers. A new pioneering agreement for major public sector infrastructure projects in B.C will provide better quality training and learning, and increased business opportunities for Aboriginal peoples, women and youth across the province. The coalition has renewed its campaign against the province`s CBA. It submits that four public works projects established under the agreement together recorded additional cost overruns of $384 million. As part of the government`s new Community Benefits Agreement, a new Crown Corporation, BC Infrastructure Benefits Inc. (BCIB), is providing a diverse and skilled workforce for some major public infrastructure projects.

BCIB will hire project workers and work with unions and contractors to send labour and manage payslips and benefits. The Community Benefits Agreement allows the government to ensure that local people and municipalities benefit from sustainable public investment in major infrastructure projects, while maximizing the number of contractors likely to offer major infrastructure projects. Why this is important: The Court of Appeal will decide whether the BC Supreme Court or the Employment Agency is the appropriate forum to hear the concerns of a coalition of contractors and unions about the agreement.