Cbe Support Staff Collective Agreement

The Committee does not address issues of interpretation or complaint, changes to the collective agreement, or other issues that are properly left to normal collective bargaining. No agreement, decision or action of the committee can be construed by any party as an interpretation or amendment to this agreement. For the duration of this collective agreement, the association and the Board of Directors agree that this agreement does not apply to Chinook Learning Service teachers, paid at an hourly rate, with the exception of Sections 8 and 22. Premiums will continue to be distributed between the Board of Directors and the teacher in accordance with Section 20 of this agreement, unless the teacher discourages the Board of Directors from discontinuing participation in performance plans. No teacher shall suffer a loss of salary and administrative expenses due solely to a restructuring that takes place during the currency of this agreement. When an administrative order is terminated as a result of a restructuring, the salary and allowances of the teacher concerned are circled in red for up to three (3) years from the date of the restructuring. 10 full ETP teachers, with the exception of the principal obliged 24.02 It is agreed: that where a vehicle allowance or mileage allowance greater than that referred to in point 24.01 is provided for in another agreement between the board of directors and a group of its employees, or if the board of directors, by decision, approves a vehicle allowance or mileage greater than the one mentioned above above. , the higher vehicle or mileage allowance applies to workers covered by this agreement. (a) All services covered by this collective agreement or ongoing during the period of investigation of continuation, acting, temporary, temporary or probationary contracts It is provided for the parties that disputes arising from the application of this agreement are settled by the intervention of a single arbitrator whose costs are jointly borne by both parties, the ATA and the CBE. The arbitrator is jointly selected by the ATA and the CBE within three (3) working days following the dispute, and the arbitrator decides within seven (7) working days following the acceptance of the assignment. 23.08 By mutual agreement, the parties may, prior to arbitration, submit the claims to mediation or expedited mediation in an attempt to resolve the complaint at an early stage.