Agreement Respecting Standardization Of Claim Forms And Practices

Point 19.24 (b) (2) responds to commentators` concerns about the degree of specificity required for a form to be considered complete, stating that a form “becomes” and cannot be considered complete if it meets the following criteria: information relating to the applicant`s identification; information on the identification of the right to which the form relates and the information necessary to determine the specific nature of the disagreement, including claims, issues or conditions for which an appeal is sought; and the applicant`s signature. In particular, we note that the revised section 19.24 (b) (iii) provides that a claim form is considered complete when it lists the issues or conditions for which an appeal is sought or if it contains other more detailed information needed on the form to identify the nature of the disagreement (for example. B, disagreement with the disability assessment). , the effective date or the denial-of-service link). This means that VA is at least considering identifying a problem such as. B a “shoulder disability” to meet this criterion for a complete claim form, even if the form on his face requires additional information. While the current standard claims form for claims tells applicants to list each specific disagreement issue, it also offers selections for a more detailed description in relation to each issue. For any issue of disagreement, applicants may choose an area of disagreement, such as the service link. B, the validity date of a distinction, the assessment of a disability or others and applicants may also provide a percentage of the requested assessment, if any.

HOWEVER, VA would consider this form to be complete if the applicant provides biographical information, specific problems and the applicant`s signature. It is not necessary for an applicant to describe the scope of disagreement or percentage of the assessment requested for each question in order to allow VA to conduct a full review of the form. As soon as it receives the full NOD, it adopts the appropriate reading assessment provisions necessary for the specific issues listed, for example. B the determination of the correct assessment percentage or effective date, or whether other benefits should have been granted on the basis of the evidence. However, we believe it is useful for the form to request information about the specific nature of the disagreement, even if applicants can complete the form by providing less information. We find that applicants will facilitate the review of their complaints in a timely manner if they inform VA as soon as possible of the nature of their disagreements. (c) contested claims at the same time. The provisions of paragraph (b) of this section apply to appeals made in simultaneous claims under paragraphs 20,500 and 20.501, whether the original court`s decision was accompanied by a standardized form. For the vast majority of insurance policies, the only page that is highly tailored to the insured`s needs is the declaration page.