Warehouse Distribution Agreement Itar

(5) “No export, sale, transfer or other provision of the defence items covered by this agreement is permitted in a country outside the distribution territory without the prior written authorization of the State Department`s Directorate of Commercial Defence Controls.” The U.S. portion of a manufacturing license or technical assistance agreement must notify the defence`s commercial controls management in writing of the impending termination of the contract no later than 30 days before the expiry date of this agreement. (1) “If the agreement is approved by the Department of Foreign Affairs, this authorization is not construed by (the applicant) as a transfer of the legality of the agreement from the point of view of cartel legislation or other applicable laws, nor is the department`s agreement construed as consent or refusal of any of the terms or conditions between the parties to the agreement. Agreements (for example. B contracts) between U.S. and foreign persons regarding the storage and distribution of defence items must be approved by the Directorate of Commercial Defence Controls before they come into force. These agreements are limited to unclassified defence articles and must include special distribution, end-use and declaration conditions. Export licences under these agreements must be acquired prior to the export of defence items, unless there is a derogation from the article. 123.16, paragraph 1, of this sub-chapter. (c) Necessary instructions. The following statements must be included in all storage and distribution agreements: 1.

A description of the relevant defence items, including the test and support equipment covered by the U.S. One ammunition list. This includes, if applicable, military nomenclature, federal stock number, badge data and all control numbers under which defence items were developed or obtained by the U.S. government. Only the defence articles specifically mentioned in the agreement are covered by the exemption in . 123.16 (b) (1) of this sub-chapter are eligible for export. (7) ” (the licensee) undertakes to incorporate the following statement as a full provision of a contract, invoice or other appropriate document when the items covered by this agreement are sold or otherwise transferred: “These items are controlled by the United States.